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You need to capture the attention of your ideal customer while accelerating your marketing time-to-value.

At the core of what we do is people – their needs, preferences, aspirations, and goals. It is how we craft compelling stories and elevate the experts behind tech innovations to build better, more meaningful connections. 

We’re experts where it counts with full-service capabilities to bring story-led thought-leadership marketing, partner programs, and strategic alliance initiatives to market faster.

Our expertise

  • Strategy & messaging
  • Thought leadership content
  • Creative & design
  • Programs & campaigns
  • Marketing as a service

Strategy & messaging

Differentiate your brand and connect with the people that matter to you. Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and go to market with a consistent, value-focused promise to build better connections and achieve marketing goals.

Our capabilities:

    • Messaging and positioning
    • Identity and branding
    • Industry research and persona development
    • Marketing planning and content strategy
    • Program and go-to-market strategy

Thought leadership content

Build authority and trust in your area of expertise. Blend your knowledge with our thought-leadership approach to create consistently valuable content that offers rare and valuable insight.

Our capabilities:

    • Content ideation, planning, writing
    • Marketing collateral
    • Sales and partner enablement
    • Internal and executive communications
    • Partner of the Year Awards

Creative & design

Align creative vision with business objectives. Create a visual experience that tells a story, conveys feelings, communicates value, and connects you with your audience.

Our capabilities:

    • Branding
    • Design production
    • Mixed media: video, animations, voice overs
    • Website development

Programs & campaigns

Stand out in the marketplace: front and center with your audience. Get expert-led support for go-to-market strategies, sales enablement, and campaign execution that elevates your message and delivers the results you’re after.

Our capabilities:

    • Demand generation
    • Executive communications
    • Strategic cloud alliance and partner programs
    • Social selling
    • BDR call downs and appointment setting

Marketing as a service

Build a robust portfolio of content marketing materials and programs based on best practices. Accelerate your output without restructuring workflows or talent rosters. daXai, a MaaS solution, gives tech brands the flexibility and capability to do just that.

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