A Guide to Writing a Thought Leadership eBook

Build a platform, drive demand and showcase thought leadership.

Why an eBook should be in your marketing toolkit

How do you become an expert in your industry? Take them on a hero’s journey.

The Mercer-MacKay eBook guide gives you our hero’s journey formula to write thought-leadership content that shares your expertise. Use the eBook as part of your content marketing efforts to drive demand and fill your funnel.

What’s Inside?

Give away your best and sell the rest

Why you need to stop holding tight to your knowledge and share your best with others to drive demand and build authority

Build a platform and drive demand

Why an eBook needs to be a part of your content arsenal and how it can help achieve your marketing goals

The hero’s journey eBook formula

How to use the hero’s journey formula in your eBook to build out content and start generating ideas

Digital asset to multi-channel campaign

What you need to do to use your eBook in a multi-channel marketing campaign