How an eBook Builds Your Platform and Gets You Leads

A Beginner's Guide to Writing an eBook.

This eBook is for time-strapped technology companies and marketing teams who want to generate leads and fill their sales funnel with the use of content.

You'll learn the Mercer-MacKay eBook formula to help you write a 2000-3000 word eBook designed to jumpstant your lead generation efforts and build your platform.

It's easier than you think!


Everything You Need to Write an eBook with Ease

Give Away Your Best
& Sell The Rest

Why you need to stop holding tight to your knowledge and share your best with others to increase sales.

Build Your Platform
& Get Leads

Why an eBook needs to be a part of your content arsenal and how it can help you achieve your goals.

The Mercer-MacKay 
eBook Formula

Work through the eBook framework and forumla to build out content and start generating ideas. 

Digital Asset to
Lead Gen Machine

What you need to do to turn your eBook from a stand-alone digital asset to a lead gen machine.