We asked our writers for their take on why technology companies need to master content marketing. We’ll be sharing their blog posting in a series called “Our Writer’s Advice.” Here is Sally Moore’s perspective:

5 Reasons Tech Companies Need to Master Content Marketing

In a world inundated with messages, how do you find and engage your audience when they can tune out with the click of one finger? How do you hold their interest and convey complex information about the latest technology?

Enter content marketing. Content marketing is to social media what programming is to television. It provides information and entertainment; it tells a story and engages its audience in a unique way. As media guru Marshall McLuhan advocated in the 60’s, the medium becomes the message.

The power of content marketing is best demonstrated in an expanded version of the tenets of advertising:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action
  5. Interaction


Rise Above the Noise — There are new media platforms almost daily, adding to the bombardment of messages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Content marketing sets you apart from that barrage because it offers an easily stated value to the consumer, catching their attention for something that matters to them.

For example: “New Homes Safer with Virtual Reality.” Words can be searched, and if you add a third-party name, someone consumers recognize, those names attract attention.

Enhanced example: “[Industry expert] says New Homes are Safer with Virtual Reality.”


Offer Value — Now that you have the attention of your audience, how do you hold that interest?

Content marketing offers a powerful opportunity to add credibility to your message. Unlike traditional advertising or web ads and pop-ups, content marketing provides added value by giving information tech customers want and need. Entertain, inform, surprise, delight: you have time to do all of this in content marketing.


Tell a Story — Information provided in content marketing can be detailed and rich.

Once you have the attention of your audience, you can provide much more information than a traditional ad; therefore, you have time to create a desire for the product. By examining all the facets of your industry, product and benefits, you create a story that allows your customer to picture themselves in this high-tech world. And that is what leads to feeling comfortable with the technology and wanting to experience the benefits of the product.

Action and Interaction:

Create a conversation – Content marketing introduces a subject, provides solid information, and invites conversation.

Tagging, hashtags and key words are important, but with content marketing, your power is in the story. By giving customers the opportunity to comment, forward, like, repost, etc. you are creating an interactive message. This provides you with key information about your product and your customer – an invaluable benefit of content marketing in any field, but especially in technology.


Tech companies face unique challenges in conveying detailed information to customers in an exciting way. Content marketing creates a story to entertain and inform your audience, enabling a conversation that can reap benefits far beyond traditional messages in social media today.

Are You Ready to Introduce Content Marketing Into Your Tech Company?

You can launch a closed-loop content marketing campaign in as little as 60 days. Set it up once and let it run for 12-24 months to drive new leads for your business.

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