We asked our writers for their take on why technology companies need to master content marketing. We’ll be sharing their blog posting in a series called “Our Writer’s Advice.” Here is Dana Howell’s perspective:

Content Marketing is the Future: Build Your Audience, Grow Your Business

Are there days when you’re completely exhausted from chasing down leads? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your customers were able to seek you out rather than the other way around? Well, now they can. Content Marketing is the solution to help you stand out from the crowd – a necessity for any growing business.

Content Marketing, when utilized effectively, is a powerful strategy for reaching your target audience and assisting you in meeting your goals.

Staying Connected with Your Audience

The United Nations projects that by 2020, a mere three years away, the global population will be 7.8 billion. That’s a lot of people, but what’s even more remarkable is the number of mobile-connected devices that will be in use. According to The Cisco Visual Networking Index, there will be 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices. That’s approximately 1.5 devices per person.

What does this mean for your business? If you implement Content Marketing, the increased web-traffic has the potential to expand your market.

Initially, customers will come to your site when you provide a solution to their problem, but once there, customers can learn more about your business. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and services, as well as demonstrate that you are an industry expert.

Although you are stimulating interest in your company, Content Marketing is not a sales pitch. Instead, it is an intricate system you implement to educate your customer, to help them solve a problem. Because the customer has researched and found you, they are more receptive to your message. This situation provides an exclusive opportunity to demonstrate how your product attributes will improve their lives.

If you continue to provide a supply of new, engaging and useful information, customers will keep coming back to your site, and you’ll end up with more inbound traffic. If your message remains authentic and consistent, a relationship will emerge. Eventually customers will begin to trust your company and referrals will pour in. This critical relationship takes time and effort, but it will pay off with long-term business and higher conversion rates.

Heightened Search Engine Optimization is another powerful bonus that comes with the use of Content Marketing. When you provide consistent, valuable content, you’re rewarded with web traffic sent your way as your search engine visibility increases with additional content.

Reasons to Use Content Marketing:

  • Create interest in your company
  • Increased inbound web traffic
  • Build trust
  • Gain referrals
  • Heightened Search Engine Optimization
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert
  • More time spent on your site
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Long-term business

Content Marketing is one of the most effective strategies to help you grow your business, one that provides a superior, long-term advantage. Be noticed – rise above the crowd. Contact us to find out how Content Marketing will work for you. Don’t wait; invest in your future today!

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