In this digital world, you cannot afford to ignore your online self. Your career and your reputation mean everything to you. But if you are like many busy executives, you spend more time doing the things that make you great than telling others why they should work with you.

“Building a profitable personal brand online is not a sprint, and something that happens overnight. Don’t aim for perfection early on. Instead allow your brand to evolve naturally over time, focus on providing massive value and over deliver to your target audience. Then you will get more clear over your message and brand as well. Always remember that!”

Navid Moazzez

Developing your personal brand should be an ongoing, ever-changing journey of self-discovery. How will you define yourself as a leader and what value will you deliver to others as a role-model, mentor, or thought-leader?

Extend Your Brand with Blogs

Blogging is the number one way that you can separate yourself from others. It establishes you as a trusted voice and helps you clarify your message to potential customers.

LinkedIn has become the place where business personal branding shines, and blogging will showcase you and help you build connections that drive real business conversations and opportunities.

Have you found your voice?

Before I started blogging, I was terrified. It took a giant leap of faith for me to get started. But now I blog all the time and I have made amazing business connections, doubling my revenues in the last two years as a result. I am seen online as a real person that my prospective customers can relate to.

If you are saying to yourself “I need to get started” now is the time.

Where to begin the process:

  1. Define your story and voice.
  2. Learn what you need to embrace on LinkedIn.
  3. Develop a blogging editorial calendar.
  4. Understand how to make social selling work for you

Social Media Executive Program

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