There’s something uplifting about sharing information which resonates with your audience.

Like that time you led a talk with your team about an issue they were grappling with, and you could see the level of engagement ramp up and the light bulbs go on above their heads as they listened to you speak. After that meeting, you probably high-fived yourself, because it felt so good to connect with your team and give them something they needed.

The same is true of content marketing. There are three things you need to incorporate into every piece of content if you want to connect and convert your audience. They are surprisingly easy, when you understand your audience, and will drive your open rates (and your sales) up. Read on to learn what they are.

Provide Real Value by Sharing Useful Information

Failing to understand your audience creates a disconnect between you and your customer and can cause your content marketing efforts to fall flat.

When you have a clear grasp of your audience and the things that keep them up at night, you’re able to provide information that resonates with them and make their lives easier.

Get to know your readers by:

  • Doing market research
  • Completing personas
  • Asking customers about what’s on their minds

You could have the most helpful and compelling information to share, but if it’s not shared with the right audience, your target audience, your message is useless.

Think of it like gift-giving. It’s easier to shop for and give a gift to someone you know well, than for a complete stranger. Know your audience and give them the gift of on-point information.

Engage Your Audience Emotionally

According to HubSpot, people are emotional creatures and will often take action, including buying decisions, based largely on emotion.

Positive emotional responses, like the person who feels relief when they find the answer to a vexing question or someone who feels gratitude when they discover a time-saving method for performing a task, are an excellent way to create excitement in your readers.

Excited readers are more apt to take positive action, like sharing your content on social media or speaking highly of your brand to others. They may even make a decision to do business with your company because they are emotionally engaged.

Position Your Company as a Viable Business Option

A recent article in Psychology Today suggests that feeling understood may be more important than feeling loved.

The connection to content marketing is that when customers feel understood, they begin to trust, much like they would trust another human being who has taken the time to get to know them.

When trust is in place, your company is well positioned to become a valuable resource and a viable business option for your reader.

Good content marketing shares useful information generously. Take the time to learn about your audience so you can provide real value, encourage engagement and pave the way for business opportunities when your readers are ready to buy.

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