“We could never have done this without this Microsoft program and the resources from Mercer-MacKay Solutions. Experts walked us through the entire process so we learned as we created. Then they stepped in to help where we lacked the capabilities ourselves.”

Stacy Adams, Founder, Direct Tec Inc.


Microsoft is constantly looking for new ways to help their partners find more business. One challenge they know their partners face is limited marketing resources for lead generation. This includes both dollars and people, as well as the expertise to do what needs to be done.


Recently Microsoft Canada decided to spearhead a new program that would effectively help their partners set up a closed-loop lead generation campaign. The goal was to model it after an existing proven program (Content Marketing in a Box, developed by Mercer-MacKay Solutions Inc.) but do it as a virtual online lab so that partners are taught what to do at each step along the way.

“Our Content Marketing in a Box is designed to get a partner from zero to generating leads on an on-going basis in under ninety days,” says Gail Mercer-MacKay, president of Mercer-MacKay Solutions. “We actually developed this program in concert with Microsoft Canada and it has proven to be successful for many partners. The lab idea came to us when Microsoft wanted to scale out – reach more partners at the same time with this program.”


The lab is delivered online for eight sessions, and covers everything: how to set up a nurture-marketing program, how to create digital assets (eBook and blogs), and how to get an AdWords campaign going. Office hours and one-on-one help are included so that partners don’t feel abandoned if they get stuck along the way.

Stacy Adams, Founder of Direct Tec, is one partner who embraced the program. “You really have to make time for it every week,” he advises. “And that isn’t always easy, given our busy schedules. But the calls are recorded, so I could listen after if something came up. I was really surprised by how easy it was to write an eBook, following the templates Mercer-MacKay provided.”

For Adams, the timing was perfect. He had been invited to speak at a business conference, and the dates coincided with the completion of the eBook.

Direct Tec eBook


“I asked Mercer-MacKay if I should print a copy of the book and bring copies with me, and they were enthusiastic about the idea,” says Adams. “They helped me with graphic design and layout, and essentially got the book ready for the printer.”

“Digital eBooks are perfect top-of-funnel marketing assets,” Mercer-MacKay adds, “but if you are speaking at a conference, you are essentially in the midst of middle-funnel prospects. Handing out a hard copy of a book is a great way to differentiate yourself.”

For Adams, the strategy paid off. All seventy attendees received a copy of his book after his speaking session and six business owners approached him to set up a meeting.

6 meetings

$240,000 in pipleline

after 8 weeks of coaching

“I was shocked by the response but really delighted,” admits Adams. “Usually I will get a couple of people asking for my card – but these individuals wanted me to open my calendar and set up a meeting right away. There is a certain credibility that comes with creating a thought leadership book. It instills a level of confidence in the client because they can see exactly what you stand for and what you think – it is all on the page. We set up six meetings and that represents about $240,000 in opportunity pipeline for me.”


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