Your blog is an essential sales tool. But, are you treating it like one?

The truth of the matter is: By providing valuable content, your blog creates an audience. And, having this audience gives you the opportunity to advertise!

Ask yourself: What do you want the reader to do after reading your blog post?

I’m sure the answer is more than just get to the end. With 55% of viewers spending less than 15 seconds on a website (HubSpot), sometimes that’s not even guaranteed. Every blog post you write needs a relevant, click-worthy call to action. So, from now on start with a goal and what the end result needs to be. Knowing your call to action before you start writing allows your words to lead your readers where you want them to go.

Here are four types of CTAs you can begin using today:

1. Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are gated offers, where your ultimate goal is attaining a relevant lead. They require your reader to exchange their information for something of value. This could be anything from a report, newsletter sign up, a cheat sheet, a free trial, a quiz, or an e-book.

2. Promotional Offer

When building out your editorial calendar tie it to promotional offers you’ll be having throughout the year. If you plan content which fits with the nature of your promotion, you’ll increase the likelihood of your reader taking you up on the offer. And, you’ll acquire an immediate customer.

3. Big-Ticket Offer

Selling your solution or service won’t likely happen after reading one blog post (though not impossible). An ideal call to action is to direct your readers to your big-ticket product or service. This helps to raise awareness. It introduces or re-introduces your solution to the reader. A great approach for connecting your big-ticket offer to a blog is write about a pain point your ideal customer experiences and show the reader how your solution helps to alleviate the pain.

4. More Content

One of the most valuable things you can ask from your readers is more time. Send your reader to something else they would enjoy consuming. When you ask them to spend more time on your website and consume more content helps to build awareness, and keep you top of mind.

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Important points to remember:

  • It’s always best practise to start with your call to action and write around it.
  • Your offer needs to be relevant to the content you are writing, otherwise it will feel misplaced and unlikely to get the response you are looking for.

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